Home Fries with Veggies


Home Fries with Veggies

Yellow flesh potatoes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, garlic plus seasoning, salt, pepper, eggs

You can find the original recipe here


This simple yet delicious breakfast-for-dinner dish was a surprise hit! Each element added a little bit of a different flavor and texture, making the whole thing hearty and yummy.  I normally approach sun-dried tomatoes cautiously since their gummy yet tough texture weirds me out, but they were actually amazing in this dish! Maybe it’s that I got sliced instead of whole ones this time . . . hmm.

When making this, you could prepare the eggs to top it off any way you want. I did scrambled because they are the fastest and hardest to mess up. I feel like every time I have to fry an egg for a recipe, I tear it, smush it, or otherwise make it less than photogenic. This saved me the stress, plus scrambled eggs are bomb.

The only (semi) unfortunate part of making this recipe was that my avocado decided to go all sassy on me, as avocados do. I had bought it at the beginning of the week, then kept it in the fridge to slow the ripening process. Well guess who still had ugly brown spots all through its flesh a few days later? Ugh. But we did salvage enough for my fiance to have avocado on top of his dish. I didn’t mind too much since avocado isn’t my favorite thing in the world. It all worked out in the end I guess!

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