Quinoa Tomato Veggie Soup


Quinoa Tomato Veggie Soup

Quinoa, garlic and black pepper diced tomatoes, kale, white kidney beans, broth, garlic plus seasoning

I used this recipe


As a kid, I hated vegetable soup. Probably because I refused to eat a large percentage of veggies (whoops). Now, though, I love it, especially when it has a flavorful tomato base like this one.You could use any variety of canned diced tomatoes to give this soup an extra kick of flavor. I chose black pepper and garlic because it added a spicy warmth.

The kale and beans added interesting textures and flavors to the soup that made it enjoyable to eat. The quinoa made it a little more filling and thicker, the way both my fiance and I like our soups. It was a welcome alternative to rice or noodles because it filled us up with real protein rather than empty carbs that give you a bloaty feeling just to wear off an hour later.

This hearty and tasty soup was a huge hit! As most soup recipes do, this one made way more than BF and I could finish. So we each got some leftovers for lunch; yum yum! This soup was the perfect way to ring in the fall season. It is warm, yummy, and gave us a cozy feeling for one of the first days of cooler weather.



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