Southwest Turkey and Rice Skillet


Southwest Turkey and Rice Skillet

Brown rice, ground turkey, corn, green chilies, Tex-Mex seasoning, spicy red pepper diced tomatoes, Tex-Mex cheese blend

I used this recipe


This yummy dish was one of the most flavorful dinners I’ve ever made! There were so many sources of flavor and spice: the tomatoes, the seasoned meat, the cheese, the chilies. It was a taste explosion! All that spicy kick really offset the brown rice, which can have a nutty, sort of boring taste. This recipe tasted so good without a lot of effort or steps. I also thought after the fact that if you used a runny salsa (or salsa plus some water or broth), that would be a delicious substitution to the diced tomatoes.

Making this dish was super easy too! I had the rice cooking on one element, the meat on another. Then add the tomatoes to the meat to simmer into a spicy sauce, add the other veggies, and mix it all together into the rice. I also added some cheese to the rice mixture, then my fiance and I each topped our bowls with more according to our taste. Though this recipe does require a lot of time standing in front of the stove, it is definitely easy enough for even a beginner to make. Trust me, this dinner is worth the wait (and the arm cramps from stirring 😉 )

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