Mean Green Buddha Bowls 

Mean Green Buddha Bowls

Avocado, broccoli, spinach, edamame, feta, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic plus seasoning

I used the recipe found here


Even though this dish has eggs, I didn’t file it under breakfast foods because if you eat this for breakfast, you are loco crazy. First of all, you’d be so full you’d have to go back to bed. Secondly, this is way too many vegetables for breakfast. I don’t know about you but when I get up, I want sugar and carbs because I am tired, not some dang shelled soy beans and roasted broccoli.

As you can maybe tell, this was not my favorite. It was too much avocado and I think I oversalted my eggs without tasting first, which really overpowered the taste of the dish. Then the roasted broccoli was just hanging out in there with all these fresh flavors and it didn’t really fit. That said, my BF loved these bowls! He couldn’t get enough! He ate his entire bowl, seconds, and part of mine. But he is an absolute fiend for avocado and runny eggs, so this was a huge win for him.

If nothing else, I definitely felt good physically and mentally after eating this. I was proud of myself for eating a dinner almost entirely made of green veggies. I was also full, though the pleasant kind of full you get from fruits and veggies, not the grease and carb kind you feel after fast food or Thanksgiving. Not that I’m knocking either of those; I’m not a total health nut yet!



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