Crab Stuffed Shells

Crab Stuffed Shells

Pasta shells, basil, crab meat, red bell pepper, feta cheese, tomato sauce

We modified the recipe found here


Can you believe it? My awesome fiance made these!! Though they aren’t what he originally intended to make, they turned out good anyway. So here was the issue: I LOVE stuffed shells. Or at lease, I used to. Now I am pretty sure my stomach would actually die if I ate 5 shells stuffed to their brims with ricotta. So we went to Whole Foods in search of a vegan ricotta to use instead, but no dice. Finally we decided to just stuff the shells with crab and a little feta for creaminess and use tomato sauce instead of Alfredo as the recipe instructed. We were both kind of afraid that seafood and tomato sauce would not go together at all, but it was surprisingly tasty!

Even though it took him a long time to make them, I’m pretty proud of my guy for these. I thought that stuffing the shells alone would be too stressful for him! But he did well at all the steps and they came out yummy. The pasta was perfectly cooked, the crab was warm, and the feta was melty. Plus the dish had fresh basil, my love of loves!

Note: the third part of stuffed week was just chicken breast stuffed with feta and spinach. It’s pretty simple, so I am too lazy to write a blog post for it. Deal with it. 😛


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