Tater Tot Taco Casserole

Tater Tot Taco Casserole

Tater tots, black beans, ground turkey, taco sauce, taco seasoning, Tex-Mex cheese

I used this recipe


Once again I’m guilty of not making something right. This time, I was rushing to make my meal plan and grocery list and just skimmed over the ingredient list for this recipe. In my haste, I missed that I needed corn and green chilies. I’m sure the casserole would have been extra delicious with both of those things in it, but I’m telling you, my version was GOOD.

I wasn’t sure that fried potato nuggets would pair well with taco flavors, but they so did. And the tots stayed surprisingly crispy despite the moisture from the taco sauce. I feel like if you used beef instead of turkey you’d have to drain it extra well so that the tots didn’t get soaked in grease.

Obviously this is not a healthy or “clean eating” dish, but it’s awesome for when you’re craving something a little sinful. Honestly, besides the tater tots, it’s not all that bad for you. Black beans and turkey are good sources of lean protein and if you use low-fat or no cheese, it’s actually an ok meal.  I’m sure this would make absolutely delicious leftovers, but we sorta kinda ate it all in one go 😛


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