Spinach and Cheese Turkey Burgers


Spinach and Cheese Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey, spinach, marble cheese, garlic plus seasoning, bread crumbs

Based on the recipe found here


It was Saturday evening and I was beat. I’d been battling fierce cramps on top of working a full day at my retail job. My body was tired and I was planning on going clubbing with some girlfriends later in the night, so I was NOT in the mood to cook dinner. Thank goodness for my sweet boyfriend who offered to cook for us since he had been home all day 🙂 I am so proud of him for how these came out! It’s not like burgers are super complicated to prepare, but it was the first actual recipe that he made for us all alone. And boy, was this dinner delicious!

Mixing shredded cheese into the burgers made them flavourful and melty and helped combat the dryness that turkey burgers sometimes have. Mixing spinach in added lots of sneaky nutrients (our favourite!) to make burgers for dinner not such a bad thing. I love burgers so so much, so any way I can make them a little less greasy and a little more nutritious, I’m down to try it. In fact, I’m already thinking up other healthy ingredients I can mix into our burgers for next time!

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