Mexican Chicken and Rice Bowls

Mexican Chicken and Rice Bowls

Chicken breast, brown rice, green chiles, black beans, corn, salsa, salt, marble cheese

You can find the original recipe here


I never do number ratings for the recipes I try but that changes today. I’d give this one a 7/10. First, it was kind of the same as other recipes I’d tried (see next paragraph). Second, despite having salsa and chopped green chiles, the dish as a whole lacked flavour. If I make this again, I’ll throw some taco seasoning either on the chicken or mix it into the bowl of filling. Third, it could have used so much more cheese, but that’s on me because I let my fear of lactose win over my love of dairy. All that said, this tasted pretty darn good! I love the filling and tasty combo of corn and beans and it was even better with chicken! I haven’t made chicken lately so I guess I’ve secretly missed it. I’d also never tried green chiles in a dish before and they were a pleasant surprise!

Also I realize that in my last post I criticized that recipe for being a less exciting version of other dishes I’d made, yet I’ve made many dishes similar to this one too. So I’m kind of a hypocrite, get over it 😛 Though this is pretty similar to lots of things, namely Chicken Burrito Bowls, the fact that they’re made up of a lot of different ingredients already makes it ok. There’s so much going on in this dish that I don’t mind that it’s basically a repeat. On the other hand, the sausage rice bowl had fewer flavours and ingredients than others like it, hence I liked it less.

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