Sausage with Peppers and Rice

Sausage with Peppers and Rice

Hot Italian Sausage, red bell pepper, brown rice, salt

Based loosely on the recipe found here


Meh. That’s how I felt about this dish. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve made so many more interesting sausage/vegetable/rice dishes before that this one seemed like a less exciting copycat. Everything tasted good, sure, but this didn’t feel like a new step in my culinary journey. If anything it was so simple that it felt like a step backwards.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t make this again. It was very tasty! It’s hard to mess up three things that both my boyfriend and I love (red bell peppers, Italian sausage, and rice). It’s just that this almost didn’t feel unique enough nor require enough work to warrant blog and Instagram posts. This dinner would work great if you’re in a hurry (assuming you, unlike me, use minute rice) or have to make a yummy dish out of random stuff in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a challenge or an interesting new flavour or ingredient profile, skip it.

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