Taco Casserole

IMG_1405Light Taco Casserole

Doritos, ground turkey, taco seasoning, salsa, black beans, shredded cheese

I used this recipe

The two of us ate the entire pan of this; that’s how utterly divine it tasted. Ever since I made taco pizza awhile ago, my boyfriend has been whining at me to make it again. I really want to try to make as many new recipes as possible, so I’ve been resisting. When I found this recipe though, it was a win-win. He gets deconstructed tacos, I get a new dish under my belt (or apron? if I wore one?). And, as bf pointed out, “when you eat Doritos for dinner, you know your life is on track.” 😉

Despite the chips and cheese, this dish isn’t actually that bad for you! I used extra lean ground turkey instead of beef, the beans provide even more protein, and the salsa is a source of my signature hidden veggies! I’ve also discovered that I love making casseroles above all else. That way, everything for the meal is prepared together, which saves steps and dishes later. Maybe it’s just that I’ve found such yummy recipes; I don’t know if I’d be so excited if I was making things like Tuna Surprise. As the weather grows colder, I’ll be making even more casseroles and soups to stave off the Canadian winter, so stay tuned!

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