Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Schnitzel 

IMG_1409Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken breast, pretzels, egg

Of all the times we’ve worked together as a kitchen, this is arguably the biggest team work success yet! After watching an episode of the new Food Network show Chef in Your Ear (which I’m not sure is also on in the States), my BF was super excited to recreate a dish one contestant made. He’s a pretzel fiend and incorporating it into dinner was just too perfect an idea to pass up. I was totally on board since pretzels + schnitzel makes my little German heart sing.

We both liked the prep for this a lot because we each got to smash something (I promise we’re not violent people). He flattened the chicken while I crushed the pretzels, then we set up a coating assembly line. This dish was super fast and easy, plus with only 3 ingredients, it’s cheap! Plus, whatever pretzels are leftover make a great snack 😉 We didn’t add any seasoning to this since the pretzels were salted, although I did sprinkle some of my beloved Garlic Plus onto mine because I’m actually some sort of reverse vampire. Will make again!

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