Breakfast for Dinner # 8: Breakfast Quesadillas

IMG_1396Breakfast Quesadillas

Ham, shredded cheese, flour tortillas, scrambled eggs

Based on this recipe

I did not expect these to turn out as perfect as they did! I spent so much time earlier in the week thinking of a dinner that would use up both the leftover ham from the pea soup and old tortillas. And boom, breakfast quesadillas were born! The eggs were fluffy, the cheese and ham were salty, and the tortillas cooked to a perfect brown; overall a delish Sunday meal! My only regret is that they were a bit dry but none of the sauces I could think of as dips seemed to fit right with the rest of the flavours.

Once again, my bf helped a lot with the cooking for these. He did all the things I didn’t want to do (dice ham, flip and cut the quesadillas) and took the amazing photo above! I used to be more hesitant to let him help out because I was super protective of the ownership of this project, but now I see it as a way to get out of all the boring/tedious/yucky parts of cooking! 😛

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