Sausage Veggie Quinoa Soup


Sausage Veggie Quinoa Soup

Mild Italian sausages, carrots, spinach, quinoa, thyme, oregano, garlic plus seasoning

Yum yum yum! I love a good soup. Especially because it just now it getting spring-like here. There is still snow and ice on the ground in some places! Today was the first nice day in awhile, so my fiance and I ran some errands and enjoyed a Starbucks on their patio as we people-watched. Spring is my favorite season so I’m obviously stoked that it’s making its debut after a lonnnngggg winter. When I made this warm, comforting soup, though, it was still super chilly. It is filling, nutritious, and comfy cozy.

Using quinoa in place of rice or pasta in a soup is one of my favorite healthy food hacks. It gives a similar texture and acts as a bit of a filler but is packed with protein instead of just empty carbs. Even though the sausage was already spiced, I added some extra seasoning to really punch up the soup. So delicious and not too hard to make, either. Will make again next soup season!


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