Vegetarian Cassoulet


Vegetarian Cassoulet

White kidney beans, cremini mushrooms, spinach, carrots, red wine, garlic plus seasoning, bread crumbs

I modified this recipe


I hadn’t tried very many new vegetarian or vegan recipes in awhile so I thought I’d give this one a go. I’d only ever had a cassoulet once before and really enjoyed it (what’s not to like about a bean casserole?) so I figured it would be fun to try at home. It was absurdly easy to make and surprisingly filling. With both beans and mushrooms, there is a lot of belly-filling protein in this dinner. Plus I can never arguing with cooking with wine 😉

The only thing about dishes like this is that I always feel like something is missing. I was definitely full and satisfied in that way but felt like I wanted more. I blame it on the texture. Everything in this dish has that soft, slightly gummy texture so it can feel one-note. Otherwise delicious though!

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