Hummus a Tune Burger


Hummus a Tune Burger

Ground turkey, paprika, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, hummus, baby spinach, homemade roasted red peppers, whole wheat buns

From the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook


I’m not sure which I liked better about this recipe: the name or the burger itself. I love puns and I swear that food with a punny name just tastes better. This burger was not only delicious, but also pretty darn healthy too! The original recipe calls for beef, but I thought turkey would be a lighter alternative that goes well with the rest of the flavors in the recipe.

The most fun part about this recipe was making my own roasted red peppers. Usually I just buy them already jarred from the grocery store, but I thought I’d try to roast my own at home a la Bob Belcher. They turned out really tasty and gave a nice acidity to counter the richness of the hummus.

I love hummus, I love roasted red peppers, I love turkey, so these were ideal burgers for me. 10/10 would eat again. We even ended up having a burger left over for lunch, yum yum!

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