Poutine On the Ritz Burger


Poutine On the Ritz Burger

Ground beef, Ritz crackers, poutine gravy, cheese curds, whole wheat buns

Found in the Bob’s Burgers cookbook


About a year ago I discovered the cartoon Bob’s Burgers and I LOVE IT! It’s just my kind of humor. So when Christmas rolled around this year, my fiance and parents really came through with the Bob’s merch. I got a wall calendar, a book of Mad Libs, and the cookbook with recipes for the Burgers of the Day on the show. When I flipped through it, I saw there were some really creative ones so I’m excited to make them!

My fiance decided he wanted to be manly and be in charge of making the first burger creation from the book. It was awesome! So salty and terrible for you but really yummy! If you don’t know, poutine is a French Canadian dish of French fries topped with squeaky cheese curds and hot turkey gravy. Yum! This burger version of it was really tasty and serving it with actual poutine on the side tied it all together. I can’t wait to try even more crazy burgers from Bob’s kitchen!

Pro tip: Crush some of the Ritz crackers really fine and use them in place of bread crumbs in the burger patties. We did this and it gave them a salty, buttery flavor. *insert hearts for eyes emoji here*



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