Chickpea Bolognese


Chickpea Bolognese

Chickpeas, spaghetti, tomato paste, tomato sauce, red wine, garlic plus seasoning, carrots, white mushrooms

Recipe from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook


This holiday season I got two amazing cookbooks, the Bob’s Burgers cookbook for Christmas and Thug Kitchen 101 for my birthday. Though I love scouring the internet for fun new recipes, there is definitely something to be said about making a recipe from an actual, physical book. It reminds me of my childhood baking and cooking with my mom, knowing exactly which pages to turn to based on how sticky and worn the pages were. I hope to make new traditions like this with these books now that I have a home of my own!

This fun recipe comes from Thug Kitchen who are known for their sweary, street-smart writing style and vegan dishes. I chose this recipe to cook first because it seemed pretty easy and I knew it was something both my fiance and I would be happy to eat. The chickpeas provided a tasty alternative to meat in the sauce. It was actually a welcome change to be able to taste other elements of the sauce apart from grease/meat. I had also never cooked with wine before and both BF and I loved it! It really did add an extra somethin’-somethin’ of flavor to the sauce than you find in store-bought sauce. Even though I didn’t make the sauce from scratch, I still felt pretty accomplished at elevating the boring canned sauce I bought. A++ for this dinner, can’t wait to make more from this book!

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