Apple and Gouda Stuffed Chicken


Apple and Gouda Stuffed Chicken

Chicken breast, gouda, Fuji apple, thyme, salt, paprika, olive oil

I used this recipe


OMG. This is one of my favorite dinners I’ve ever made and it’s SO simple to make! It looks nice, tastes great, and isn’t too shabby nutrition-wise either. My fiance and I liked it so much that we have even made it a second time already! I’m normally not a huge fan of mixing savory and sweet but this dinner does it so deliciously that I could eat it every day.

All you have to do to make this is slice up your favorite apple and some Gouda cheese, tuck it into a pocket you’ve cut into a chicken breast, top with olive oil and seasonings, and bake. The recipe suggested serving it with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, which I was of course totally on board with, but it would taste equally great with any veggies or even a fresh salad. If you don’t like Gouda you could always substitute cheddar or some other type of cheese but the creaminess it provides is like no other. Just try it and see!

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