Chicken Tacos


Chicken Tacos

Chicken breast, tomatillo salsa, yellow bell pepper, red cabbage, marble cheese, corn tortillas


After a super fun date night out at a popular taco spot in our city, my fiance and I (well, mostly I), got onto a real taco kick. I wanted to recreate the tacos from our date at home, but on a budget. That’s how this recipe came into my head. I already had the cabbage and the bell pepper just hanging out in my fridge and they seemed like the perfect toppings for a chicken taco. I just popped the chicken breasts into the slow cooker with some green salsa for a few hours, then shredded it for super easy taco filling. These were surprisingly fuss-free to make and yummy to eat! Not as good as the taco shop’s, but good enough until we can get there again 😉

If you are wondering why the cabbage looks kind of plasticky, it was my only source of stress when making this dinner. I had put the cabbage in the freezer so it wouldn’t go bad. I then forgot to take it out to thaw the day I made these, so in attempts to thaw it, I put the cabbage in the microwave. TERRIBLE idea. The outside started to cook, getting rubbery and smelly, while the inside stayed icy frozen. Next time I’ll just get a small bag of pre-shredded cabbage and call it a day!

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