Caesar Chicken with Kale


Caesar Chicken with Kale

Chicken breast, Caesar dressing, bacon, kale, Parmesan cheese


I made this fun twist on a chicken Caesar salad awhile ago and it was even more delicious than I anticipated! My fiance had just returned from a work trip and had a similar dish, so of course he wanted me to recreate it at home. The original was just a dressed-up chicken breast, but I decided to serve it on a bed of kale to make it slightly healthier (read: not as terrible for you 😉 )

This dish was really easy and doesn’t require many ingredients so it is the perfect dinner for busy weeknights. Just fry some bacon, throw it on top of chicken breasts along with Caesar dressing, and pop it in the oven. Serve on a bed of greens with a dusting of Parmesan cheese for a decadent dinner. The only weird thing that happened while making this dish was the dressing got runny, almost like a sauce, after being heated up in the oven. I wasn’t a huge fan of this but my BF loved it and used the extra drippy sauce to dress his greens.

I really like this as an alternative to a salad. Chicken Caesar salads aren’t that great for you anyway, so cutting down the veggies in favor of more meat doesn’t change the nutritional value too drastically. It also makes the dish more filling for dinner instead of a small lunch.


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