Ranch Turkey Burgers


Ranch Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey, spinach, ranch dressing mix, paprika, garlic plus seasoning, oregano, egg, marble cheese

You can find the recipe for these here


One Sunday night, I just wanted something simple for dinner. After a day of running errands and a week of cooking more involved dishes, turkey burgers were just the thing: easy and tasty! These were really fun because they were seasoned with Ranch dressing mix! The zesty, zippy flavoring made these turkey burgers stand out from the crowd for sure.

Wondering how I got the cheese to melt all around the burger? We steamed them! I cooked the burgers on my griddle (since we aren’t allowed to have a barbecue grill) and kept the lid on so they would cook evenly. Once we added the cheese, this process allowed it to get extra gooey and delicious!

I decided to throw a little spinach into these burgers for some extra vitamins. It looks nice and you can’t even taste it, plus you get some veggies without having to think about it. Win win win! Sneaky veggies strike again!

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