Breakfast Bread Casserole


Breakfast Bread Casserole

French baguette, honey garlic sausage, three cheddar cheese blend, eggs

I used the recipe found here


This looks not very appetizing, I’ll admit. Plus it sounds kind of weird! But it tastes DIVINE! I was afraid that the bread would get soggy from the eggs, but it didn’t at all. The hearty French bread just got chewy, warm, and delicious. There are no fruits or veggies in this dish, though, so serve with a salad or fruit bowl if you want to get some healthy micros in  your meal.

This dish is also super easy to prepare. First, cut your baguette into chunks and place them in a greased baking dish. Then, pour some scrambled eggs over them. Top with cheese and cooked sausage and bake! I used sweet and savory honey garlic sausage, but you could totally change the taste of the casserole by changing the sausage. Spicy Italian sausages would add some fun flavor to what could be a plain tasting dish.  It made a filling dinner but would also (obviously) be a great weekend or holiday breakfast.

My fiance was originally going to make this casserole but he was feeling super sick with a cold. We passed that cold around our house and our group of friends. Ugh! But I didn’t mind making this dish because it was so simple and yummy.

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