Slow Cooker Chicken Tortellini Soup


Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken breast, cheese tortellini, carrots, white mushrooms, chicken broth, garlic plus seasoning

Modified version of the recipe found here


I hadn’t made anything in my crockpot for awhile, so when I woke up on a chilly fall weekend, I knew it was time to break it back out. And this dish was a super easy one to start with! I just put all the ingredients (except the tortellini) into the slow cooker and let it cook. I didn’t even need to pre-cook the chicken! Then I added the pasta a little bit before dinner time and everything was done. Such a great way to make a hearty home-cooked meal when you don’t feel like spending a lot of quality time with your kitchen.

This hearty, warm soup was just the thing we needed to warm us up, especially because both my BF and I were suffering from those inevitable October colds when I made this. The steamy broth and comforting pasta really hit the spot!

This is such a fun take on the classic chicken noodle soup. The big tortellini really satisfy a pasta craving, so it’s like having pasta and soup in the same meal! The cheese inside also added some extra flavor that isn’t usually found in your typical chicken noodle soup.

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