Southwest Chicken Flatbreads


Southwest Chicken Flatbreads

Flat breads, chicken breast, corn, black beans, cilantro, mixed cheddar cheese

Original recipe found here


These delicious sammies are brought to you by my sweetie pie fiance! Ever since we made the Chicken Parmesan Flat Breads, he’s been wanting to use flat breads for everything! So when he was choosing his recipe for the week, of course it had to include flat breads.

And boy am I glad! These were frickin’ amazing! The soft bread, the moist chicken, the melty cheese, the fun textures and flavors of the corn and beans. Ahh! And the cilantro he added gave them an extra herby taste. As you can imagine, they were also incredibly filling. Between the meat, beans, bread, and corn, we were stuffed.

The best part about these is that they are pretty versatile, cooking-wise. My BF baked ours with great results, but you could just as easily fry them for a crispier outside. The only thing wrong with these is, again, timing. It seemed to take awhile for just a sandwich! If we make them again, I’ll probably pop the chicken in the crockpot early in the day so we can just assemble the sandwiches and cook/warm them up right before we want to eat.

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