BBQ Lentil Baked Sweet Potatoes


BBQ Lentil Baked Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, green lentils, BBQ sauce, white mushrooms

I used this recipe


These vegan beauties look pretty and tasted great too! As you know, I am in LOVE with sweet potatoes, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many unique recipes out there for stuffed sweet potatoes. Then I found these! They were super duper easy to make: just bake the potatoes, cook the lentils and mix them with the BBQ sauce, then pour the lentils and chopped mushrooms over the potatoes and you’re done!

I was super excited to combine the flavors of BBQ sauce and sweet potatoes again. We did it before with the BBQ Chicken and Mushroom Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust and it was phenomenal! There is something about the sweet/smoky/spicy combination that just WORKS.

Usually I’m not totally into the idea of vegan food because I love cheese, despite the sad reality that it doesn’t always love me. But these were amazing without any animal products at all! In fact, they only require four ingredients to make. Win!

The only struggle I had with these was the baking time. I followed the recipe exactly in terms of oven temperature and baking time and it did not work for me. I nearly doubled the time and they were still firm in places! We had to go to a party the night we made these so having a deadline to stick to definitely did not help my stress over the sweet potatoes. Maybe the ones I had were too big? Or maybe the universe just wanted to eff with me that day. Overall, though, these get a big ol’ check mark in the “would make again” column.


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