Mexican Chicken Sheet Pan


Mexican Chicken Sheet Pan

Chicken breast, breadcrumbs, Tex-Mex seasoning, salsa, corn, black beans, red and orange bell peppers

I used this recipe


This fast and easy dinner is one the whole family will love! Satisfy your craving for chicken tenders with these healthier homemade ones. They honestly do taste better than ones from a restaurant! The secret is dipping the tenders in salsa instead of an egg wash as a base for the breadcrumbs. It adds a teensy bit of veggies and a ton of extra flavor that seeps into the chicken. I also seasoned the breadcrumbs with Tex-Mex seasoning to make the flavors really pop! You could make a spicy sauce to dip these in but they are just perfect without one too.

The corn, beans, and bell peppers are reminiscent of Mexican dishes and taste extra great when sprinkled with Tex-Mex seasoning. They are so delicious, healthy, and make the dinner healthy and balanced. Plus they look so pretty on the sheet pan!

The best part of this whole recipe is how easy it is. The entire balanced meal cooks on one sheet pan to save on dishes and you don’t have to watch and try to coordinate the cook times of a million things. Just bread your chicken, slice your peppers, arrange everything on the sheet pan and bake!

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