Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole


Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole

Cauliflower, chicken breast, kale, Tex-Mex cheese blend, salt, pepper

You can find the original recipe here


I’ll admit, this casserole did not exactly photograph well. But it did taste good! The tender chicken, crunchy kale, and soft cauliflower all melded together into the perfect casserole. The original recipe called for spinach, which I would normally use, but I had some leftover kale kickin’ around the fridge so I decided, why not? It added a slightly different taste and texture, both in a good way.

The best part, though, was the cheese. I only had Tex-Mex shredded cheese blend in my fridge and it is a little spicy. That hint of spice added just the right amount of flavor to kick this sort of plain casserole up a notch! I of course cut the amount of cheese WAAAAYYY down so I wouldn’t, you know, die. But I’ll tell ya, a little of that Tex-Mex cheese went a long way anyway.

I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish. I thought it was going to just taste like boring chicken and veggies but it was so much more. The different flavors and textures worked really well together. You could probably also nix the chicken and make this casserole as a side dish for potluck or something too!

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