Turkey Broccoli Pasta


Turkey Broccoli Pasta

Ground turkey, rotini pasta, broccoli, paprika, garlic plus seasoning, olive oil, feta cheese

You can find the original recipe here


If you want an easy and yummy meal for busy nights, try this pasta dish on for size. It is really easy to make: boil the pasta and broccoli in one pot, brown the turkey in the meantime, then mix them all together, topping with olive oil, seasonings, and cheese. This dish was ready in no time at all and actually pretty healthy. Try veggie or lentil pasta to cut out some of the carbs if you’re really health conscious.

This dish could go any number of ways flavor-wise. Depending on which seasonings and cheese you choose, this versatile dish could be Mexican, Italian, Cajun, or just full of fragrant herbs. I of course used my beloved garlic plus, which gave a burst of flavor to boring old pasta and broccoli. You could also sub ground beef or sausage for the turkey if you want some more of that fatty taste.

Even though summer is over, it is still kind of warm out. If you don’t feel like heating up your oven, this is a good dish to make. Everything is made on the stove so there’s no extra heat wafting around the house.

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