Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Kale


Sweet Potato Gnocchi Dish

Sweet potatoes, flour, egg, salt, pepper, kale, white mushrooms, feta cheese

Inspired by the recipe found here


I frickin’ made gnocchi!!!

Sorry. I know that’s brash but I am extremely proud of this dish. My fiance and I watch a lot of cooking shows (usually competition ones) and on almost all of them contestants have made gnocchi. Even the confident ones seemed to struggle with getting it perfect. By no means was this dish perfect, but it was a pretty big success for my first time if I do say so myself.

To this day, I still am not really sure I got the consistency right. The dough was incredibly sticky and nothing seemed to help that. We lost a lot of dough to the counter/our hands during the rolling and cutting process even though I floured the surface HEAVILY. My kitchen also doesn’t have a huge amount of counter space which posed a problem for rolling. All that said, the gnocchi came out tasty, if kind of gummy.

My fiance and I double-teamed this recipe since making pasta is such a chore. I mixed the dough, we both rolled, he cut and boiled, and I prepped the veggies and fried everything all together. I might have done it all myself if the sticky dough hadn’t made me a little discouraged/panicky.

I decided not to make a sauce because a) I am a lazy, lazy person and b) I wanted to see how the gnocchi tasted on their own without smothering them in another flavor. The sweet potato was a nice contrast to the earthy mushrooms and kale. Topping it all with a little tangy feta tied the whole thing together. *kisses fingertips*

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