Chicken Parmesan Flat Breads


Chicken Parmesan Flat Breads

Flat breads, chicken breast, sun-dried tomato pesto, three Italian cheese blend

I used this recipe


If you want a tasty sandwich that looks and sounds impressive but is easy to make, give these a go. They didn’t require much time or effort and were fun to eat, as sandwiches often are. They’d be great for a light lunch, or make them a full dinner with a salad like I did.

The flat breads were a yummy alternative to tortilla wraps. Using shredded chicken made them easier to eat than a traditional chicken parm sandwich with just one big hunk of chicken. The recipe calls for tomato sauce like is usually found on chicken parmesan, but I had some tomato pesto in the fridge and thought “why not?” It added a more cheesy, herby flavor that wasn’t overpowered by the tomato taste, plus it wasn’t as messy as regular tomato sauce would have been. These were overall very yummy and tidy sammies!

The only problem was, the flat breads I bought were not the same brand as the ones the original poster used. Therefore, they were not the same shape with the 2 flat and 2 rounded sides like hers. I couldn’t wrap them like a burrito like she did, so we improvised and just folded them over like an omelet, then flipped them over carefully. Problem solved!


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