Pizza Pot Pies


Pizza Pot Pies

Crescent rolls, Italian sausage, white mushrooms, pizza sauce, three Italian cheese blend, green bell pepper

Original recipe found here


These yummy little guys were made by my fiance on his day to cook. I was so proud of him for how well they turned out! Of course he chose to make a ramekin dish because he’s borderline OBSESSED with them and I’m not complaining; they’re cute!

This recipe is fun because  they are right side up for pot pies, but upside down for pizza! The crust is on top! I loved poking into the crust and letting the delicious pizza smells waft out, then peeling the dough off and eating it first. You’re probably supposed to dip it or mix it in but I’mma do me.

Pot pies in general are always a pleasant surprise. You’re like “oooh what a cute little ramekin, I wonder what’s inside” and then you open it up like a food present. These were no exception. When I peered inside, I was greeted with creamy cheese, spicy sausage, and herby tomato sauce. Yum! BF also threw some mushrooms and green peppers in there so we got some veggies in the meal.

I was surprised with how filling these were! I only ate one before I was at a comfortable level of full. I wish I’d had room for another, though! Definitely another success for my man!

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