Tex-Mex Mushroom and Chickpea Burgers


Tex-Mex Mushroom and Chickpea Burgers

White mushrooms, chickpeas, breadcrumbs, Tex-Mex seasoning, egg, cilantro

Based on this recipe


I was pleasantly surprised by these zesty vegetarian burgers! This is one of the most unique recipes I’ve found for veggie burgers. I’ve seen bean burgers. I’ve seen mushroom burgers. But I’ve never seen them combined. I have to say, though, they didn’t really stand out for me. It’s probably because I made the Mexican Bean Burgers so close to when I made these.

I do remember that they had a less chewy, gooey texture than other bean burgers thanks to the mushrooms. I was afraid that the mushrooms would make these fall apart or have the texture of a pencil eraser but luckily neither of those came true.

The best part about these is that chickpeas and mushrooms are such blank canvases for flavor that you could flavor these any way you pleased. I enjoy that taco seasoning flavor so that’s what I landed on, but any blend of spices would taste great! I feel like an Indian spiced one would be especially tasty. Maybe next time!

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