BBQ Chicken and Mushroom Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust


BBQ Chicken Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

Chicken breast, white mushrooms, BBQ sauce, three Italian cheese blend, sweet potatoes, flour, Montreal steak spice

Based on this recipe


Once every few months a recipe comes along that I am scared yet excited to make and when I pull it off successfully, I feel hella proud. This was one of those dishes.

When I saw this dish on Pinterest, I was like what?! How in the name do you make a PIZZA CRUST out of sweet potatoes?? Pretty easily, as it turns out. I microwaved the sweets, mashed them, and mixed in some flour until it was a dough. A dough! Then, my fiance helped me spread it out onto a pizza pan to bake. It all went to plan! It was a pizza crust! Woah!

The BBQ chicken theme was really the perfect way to top this crust. It went along with the spicy/sweet/smoky idea and was just so YUM. The original recipe said not to add cheese but we did because who doesn’t eat cheese on a pizza? Then it’s just bread with some stuff on it (or sweet potatoes, in this case). If you want to go even more low-carb or gluten-free, you could use a flour alternative to thicken your crust.

My favorite part about this dish, though, was the fact that it was yet another new way for me to eat one of my favorite foods. I am in love with sweet potatoes and have eaten them mashed, baked, roasted, in chili, in casseroles, in burgers, and more. And now I have a new way to enjoy their delicious healthiness! Win win!

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