Turkey Salsa Skillet


Turkey Salsa Skillet

Ground turkey, eggs, salsa

I used the recipe found here


Ok this is literally the easiest thing on the planet to make and absurdly delicious to boot. If you can turn on a stove and stir, you can make this dish. Just brown the turkey, add some salsa, get it all bubbly, then crack some eggs on top. So. Simple.

I admittedly got kind of confused about whether or not the eggs were done so I cooked them a bit too long but I still liked it. I love my eggs hard! They just didn’t have the gooey, runny yolks my fiance longed for but it was still edible.

This dish also isn’t that bad for you, either. Sure, it could use some more veggies, but you could always rectify that by serving a salad on the side. The turkey is a leaner alternative to ground beef. Thanks to the meat and eggs, there’s a TON of protein in here. The salsa provides some vitamins (thanks tomatoes, peppers, and onions!) but more importantly, lots of flavor!

This is the perfect brunch or breakfast for dinner dish because it’s spicy and hearty with a breakfast-y twist! Don’t forget to eat this with a side of toast or thick bread. There’s so much salsa (and egg yolk if you do it right, whoops) left in the bowl that it just begs to be sopped up!

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