Broccoli, Chicken, and Cheese Bubble-Up Bake


Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Bubble-Up Bake

Refrigerated biscuits, chicken breast, broccoli, marble cheese

I used this recipe


Yummy in my tummy! This easy and fast casserole was delicious and so simple to make. Just cut/cook the chicken, cut the biscuits, and throw everything into a casserole dish to bake! This recipe would be perfect for people who think they can’t cook or for anyone who is too busy (or lazy like me some days) to make an extravagant dinner. I’m sure this would also make amazing leftovers if we hadn’t eaten it all at once (oops).

Like all bubble-up bakes, this one is deceptively filling. It does contain an entire package of biscuits after all! Plus the protein in the chicken and cheese. Eat slowly so you don’t accidentally over stuff yourself! I realize this isn’t the healthiest meal on this blog but it at least has some green veg and lean protein, so that’s something!

To make this even easier on my lazy self, I baked the chicken breasts whole, then cut them into chunks to make the casserole. It allowed me to have some extra time out of the kitchen and not have to wrestle with raw meat, woo hoo! Since you have to turn the oven on to make the casserole anyway, why not?

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