Broccoli Cheese Twice-Baked Potatoes


Broccoli Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes

Baking potatoes, broccoli, marble cheese, margarine, paprika, salt, pepper

I used the recipe found here


These tasty little treats were cute and delicious! I have long been a fan of broccoli cheese baked potatoes at restaurants like Wendy’s, so I decided to make my own! These are a little bit healthier with real, low-fat cheese in place of Cheez Wiz.

The toppings also stay on better in this version because they’re not toppings at all; they’re mix-ins! Like with any other twice-baked potato, I microwaved the potatoes first to soften them up, then mixed the insides with cheese, spices, and frozen broccoli before spooning it back into the skins and baking.

Tip: chop the broccoli nice and small before adding it to the potato mixture. We had some big chunks that didn’t fit in the potato skins all that well. Luckily, they cooked through fine so we didn’t have any unfortunate frozen broccoli surprises!

My only problem with this recipe was it was a weird amount of food. Serving a side seemed like it would make for too much food, but just two potato halves seemed a little sparse. Going with a light soup or salad would probably be your best bet.




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