Lemon Herb Chicken and Rice


Lemon Herb Chicken and Rice

Chicken breast, brown rice, lemon juice, thyme, oregano, garlic plus seasoning

Based on this recipe

I don’t really remember this dish that well to be honest. Even at the time it felt like a filler meal, something for sustenance but not really meant to wow or inspire. It was herby. It was lemony. It was chicken. It was rice. That was about it. This is a great dinner when you’re not trying to impress anyone, just trying to feed your family nutritiously.

The best part about this meal was how healthy it was. The brown rice gave us lots of fiber and the chicken was lean protein. But it didn’t taste bad or bland like lots of people worry chicken breast and rice would taste. It was tangy and full of flavor! The only thing it could have used were some vegetables, but you could easily serve those on the side if you aren’t too full of rice 😛

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