Rustic Sausage Soup


Rustic Sausage Soup

Carrots, kale, honey garlic sausages, white kidney beans, potatoes, chicken broth, garlic plus seasoning

You can find the original recipe here


On this episode of “Food Bae Made Today,” my fiance made us this warm and hearty sausage veggie soup! Even though it was August and a little warm for soup, this was yum yum yummy! Plus it made a TON of food so we each got at least one leftover out of it apart from two helpings each at dinner. So many veggies!

I was afraid that I wasn’t going to like the kale in a soup because it isn’t crisp like in a salad but it was great! I think the addition of kale to the old soup standbys of carrots and potatoes added a modern twist and lost of nutrients too. This dish also packs a lot of protein in the sausage and in the sneaky little white beans. There are so many fun textures at play in this soup!

We decided to use honey garlic sausages because they are slightly sweet and not too strong a flavor. They allowed the flavors of the vegetables to shine through. If you wanted more of a kick, though, you could go for Italian sausages or chorizo. Those options would definitely warm you up on a cold winter’s night!

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