Fajita Chicken with Rice


Fajita Chicken with Rice

Chicken breast, red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, salsa, Tex-Mex seasoning, Mexican rice


This simple dish was pure accident. I had bought all the ingredients to make roll-ups, as in chicken rolled around slices of bell peppers. Then I realized that beating the huge chicken breasts I had bought into flat, roll-able pieces might not be in the cards. I didn’t have the strength or patience for such a task. So, I made up this dish on the fly.

I diced the bell peppers and sauteed them, then added some salsa and let it all simmer into a bubbly, spicy sauce. I seasoned the chicken breasts with Tex-Mex seasoning blend (basically taco seasoning in a bottle) and popped them in the oven. The rice wasn’t homemade, but a stovetop packet. Though none of these things were complex or fancy, when I put them all together it made a pretty decent meal.

You could round out the meal even more by adding a fresh salad on the side. This dish would probably also be tasty with fish.



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