Whole wheat tortillas, kale, red bell pepper, Tex-Mex cheese blend

I used the recipe found here


Two kale recipes in a row? I know, so hipster/clean eating advocate of me. But it’s not like that! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still coaching myself into liking vegetables. Like, legitimately enjoying eating them and not just forcing them down out of sheer necessity. After a few successful recipes, I’ve found that I really really love kale. I’ve tried other greens and it is my favorite based on taste and texture, not just how popular it is on Pinterest. But salad after salad can get boring real fast so I’ve been scouring the internet to find new and interesting ways to incorporate this yummy veggie into our dinners. This one is the most creative by far!

Quesadillas are usually greasy snacks to eat with your margaritas, but these were pretty healthy. With lots of leafy greens and bell peppers, you get a few servings of veggies, plus protein and calcium from the cheese. The best part was, they actually tasted amazing! I was afraid it would be too much like salad on a tortilla, but these quesadillas were soft, melty, and down right delicious. If I ever have some tortillas and kale that are about to go bad, I’ll be making these again for sure!

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