Marinated Chicken Quinoa Bowl


Marinated Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Chicken breast, olive oil, salt, lemon juice, quinoa, kale, sun-dried tomato pesto, avocado

Inspired by this recipe


This quinoa bowl was one of the best I’ve made. And I’ve made a lotttttt of quinoa bowls, as you know if you’ve been following this blog at all. The marinade for the chicken is so simple but keeps it nice and moist and gives it a little flavor. I was so happy that my BF let me have the leftovers for this one!

Because I am notorious for not reading recipes ahead, I didn’t realize that the kale was supposed to marinate too, and overnight at that. So I just sauteed the kale plain before adding it to the bowls and I found it to have enough flavor that way. Plus I’m not sure how much more moisture I’d really want in greens, as soggy veggies already make me kind of gaggy.

If you have more time/gumption/money than I do, I recommend making your own sun-dried tomato sauce like the original poster did. It looks and sounds amazing, plus you can be like “Yo, I made a sauce!” I, however, did not have much time/gumption/money the day I made this, so I used some store-bought tomato pesto we had in the fridge instead. It worked perfectly fine to add the bright tomato and garlic flavors needed to round out the bowl.

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