Mexican Bean Burgers

Mexican Bean Burgers

Salsa, carrots, kidney beans, taco seasoning, flour, breadcrumbs, green bell pepper, Tex-Mex cheese blend

You can find the original recipe here


I honestly don’t remember much about these lil’ burgers except that they were TASTY! They kind of look like lumps of dog food but they were little mushy flavor bombs. The salsa and taco seasoning worked together to bring a big old Tex-Mex kick to boring kidney beans and topping them with spicy yet creamy cheese tied it all together.

These were actually the weekly din din made by my sweet fiance. Because we don’t have a food processor and our masher is kind of huge, he smushed the kidney beans for this with a meat tenderizer. This turned out to not be the best idea. The bean mixture got stuck in the tiny meat-poking prongs, so we lost some potential burger. Now we’ve learned!

You could definitely top these with your favorite burger fixin’s but they’re really good bare as well. They have veggies hidden inside, so no real need to eat them on top, right? 😉 These burgers are a good compromise for people who like different styles of vegetarian burgers because they have the texture of bean burgers but have other vegetables inside, too.


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