Greek Meatloaf

Greek Meatloaf

Ground chicken, spinach, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, paprika, garlic plus seasoning, egg, breadcrumbs

Based off of this recipe


I really need a loaf pan. Every time I find a good meatloaf recipe, I get so excited to make it, prepare the meat mixture, and realize I have nothing to put it in. Just like I always do on the spot, I made these into little mini meatloaves/burgers. They cook a lot faster that way, so I suppose that’s an upside. And they’re much more adorable 🙂

I would never have thought to put Greek flavors into a good ol’ American classic, but this meatloaf was goooooooood. The chicken was light, the cheese was tangy, the paprika was spicy, the peppers were sweet. Just a perfect melding of flavors. And sneaking the spinach in there is the most delicious way I’ve ever seen to eat your greens!

The only struggle I had with this dish was what to serve on the side. A salad seemed like too much work and too many veggies for my fiance (heh heh). We didn’t have that many random ingredients in the house and I felt like just the little meat loaves wouldn’t be enough. So I threw a pot of pasta on. It filled up the little holes left in our bellies and tied together the whole Mediterranean theme.

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