Chicken Burgers with Avocado Corn Salsa

Chicken Burgers with Salsa

Ground chicken, Tex-Mex cheese blend, mayonnaise, paprika, corn, avocado, cilantro, salt, pepper

You can find the original recipe here


These burgers were DIVINE. Who knew? I was a little hesitant to make them because they are pretty fatty and greasy (thanks, cheese and mayo) but they tasted soooo good. The fresh, homemade salsa made this simple dish seem fancy and it photographed like a dang model.

This was the first time my fiance had ever knowingly eaten cilantro. When he told me that before we dug in, I was pretty scared. As everyone knows, cilantro divides the world. Some people love it, some people despise it. Some think its taste is refreshing, others claim it tastes like soap. I enjoy it but do find it a bit overpowering, so I put just enough to add an aromatic flavor to the salsa. Thankfully, BF loves it! He’s actually been asking me to find recipes that call for it because he wants to taste that flavor again.

One word of warning: the recipe makes a lot of salsa. We actually had to much and kept the leftovers in the fridge. Unfortunately, it tasted weird and mushy the next day. So either make more burgers or pile it on really high so none goes to waste.

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