Ham & Cheese Biscuit Sammies

Ham and Cheese Biscuit Sammies

Refrigerated biscuits, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese


These little cuties were so much fun to make and eat! They were adorable, fluffy, salty lumps of deliciousness that I could honestly eat once a week. They’re big enough to make a meal if you eat a few with some veggies on the side, or would make a great appetizer or party snack.

Making these was actually kind of fun. As I noted before, I don’t really have the room to roll the biscuits out with a rolling pin, so I smushed them as flat as I could with my hands instead. I then tore some slices of prosciutto into smaller bits, sprinkled some shredded cheese on top, and slapped another flattened biscuit on top of it all. That’s it! The biscuits didn’t seal too well but that wasn’t really a problem because the slices of meat were too large to fall out and the cheese was melted. Maybe if I had flattened the biscuits more or used more cheese it would have worked better.

The super salty cheese and ham were so yummy but this was a¬† “cheat meal” for sure. I loved eating these with my BF on a Friday night as we talked about our weeks and wound down. Overall these sammies were a big hit!

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