Breakfast for Dinner #26: Sweet Potato Quinoa Scramble

Sweet Potato Quinoa Scramble

Eggs, quinoa, sweet potato, paprika, Montreal steak spice


When I was making my weekly menu, this dish was not exactly on it. The bowl I intended to make was similar but was spiced differently and, most importantly, topped with a beautiful sunny-side-up egg. For some reason when I went to flip the eggs (I like mine nice and hard), I ended up destroying them. Rather than waste a handful of eggs just for aesthetic reasons, I decided to change up that night’s dinner.

Even though they don’t look as gorgeous as the ones I planned to make, these bowls were surprisingly tasty. I’m a little obsessed with adding Montreal steak seasoning to sweet potatoes now. The salty spiciness pairs perfectly with their sweetness. I’m very particular about my salty sweet pairings, but this one has never failed me so far.

I really enjoyed this bowl the day I ate it, but overall, I think it’s forgettable. I’ve made so many sweet potato dishes, so many quinoa bowls, and so many scrambles that this one sort of all runs together with the others in all those categories. Delicious, but definitely not a stand-out.

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