Taco Ramekins

Taco Ramekins

Ground turkey, red bell pepper, black beans, marble cheese, refrigerated biscuits, salsa

You can find the recipe for these here


My fiance is so good at making things! Ever since he bought these ramekins, he’s been obsessed with finding recipes to make in them for his weekly meal contribution. They make the cutest little meals that photograph well and taste so good!

These adorable biscuit bowls had surprise taco meat inside, plus yummy beans, veggies, and cheese on top. The only issue was that the biscuits are kind of hard to roll out, so the dough was a bit dense. Otherwise they were easy to make and relatively low-stress, which says a lot coming from my very nervous-in-the-kitchen BF.

We also forgot to get enough taco seasoning packets for the week’s meals (my bad) and didn’t realize until he had already started cooking. Luckily, he improvised with some salsa we had in the fridge and the meat came out just as spicy and flavorful. Good thinking, babe!

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