Hearty Sausage Skillet

Hearty Sausage Skillet

Honey garlic sausages, kale, apple, new potatoes, thyme, sage

You can find the original recipe here


Make this now! This dish was seriously so so delicious and looks pretty good to boot 😉 The best part is, you probably have some random potatoes and apples just kickin’ around, so this meal is a great way to use them in a healthy, yummy way. Even though I made it now, this would be an amazing dish for fall. I think I’ll make it again when the weather gets cooler!

I loved all the different textures of this dish. The chewy, juicy sausage, the slightly crisp kale, the soft apples and potatoes. Plus it didn’t take a lot of seasoning to make this meal super flavorful because the sausages sort of flavored everything else. Using honey garlic sausages was a great choice because they’re full of a tangy, sweet flavor that goes perfectly with the apples and cuts down the “green” taste of the kale a bit.

Trying to save on dishes sort of made the preparation of this dish awkward. Next time I will cook things at the same time and just live with the number of dishes if it means less time in the kitchen.

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