BAE Quesadillas

BAE Quesadillas

Bacon, eggs, avocados, whole wheat tortillas, marble cheese

I used the recipe found here


These lil’ beauties were as delicious as they look! The melty cheese, creamy avocado, and gooey egg all mushed together inside the tortillas for a super fun weekend dinner. I nicknamed these BAE quesadillas because they have Bacon, Eggs, and Avocado, but also because they were delicious and wonderful, aka bae, to the youths 😉

I am in absolute love with breakfast Mexican-inspired foods (burritos, tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, etc.) and this one was no exception. The idea of cooking whole eggs instead of scrambled in there was a really fun idea and came out super tasty!

The only complaint I had about this recipe was the sealing of the quesadillas. As they warm/melt, the slices of avocado and the cheese are supposed to seal the tortillas shut so they don’t leak when you slice and eat the quesadilla. Ours didn’t seal properly, so we had a lot of spillage and had to eat each slice of quesadilla like a little taco. This wasn’t a big deal though, mostly because the eggs were whole, so no little pieces of egg fell out like in scrambled egg versions.

Final verdict: super yummy, pretty healthy, kind of a pain to make/eat

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