Breakfast for Dinner #25: Southwest Scramble

Southwest Scramble

Eggs, avocado, black beans, taco seasoning, marble cheese


This yummy, easy breakfast for dinner was a surprise hit, both at home and on Instagram! It was the end of a week and I wasn’t in the mood to make anything grand for dinner. I actually was going to make something more complex with these ingredients, but the mood never struck me during the week and the avocado was ripe RIGHT NOW. Anyone who eats avocados knows that you either use them or lose them when they’re ready, so I had to come up with something. With nearly a dozen eggs just chillin (heh heh) in the fridge, I decided to throw this fun scramble together.

This healthy, filling scramble is super fast and easy to make, plus it has a little more flavor and pizazz than regular scrambled eggs. The texture and color of the eggs (caused by the taco seasoning) made them a pretty convincing meat substitute, perfect for a vegetarian meal when you’re missing meat. If you wanted to make this even healthier, you could make your own taco seasoning and leave out the cheese for a vegan meal free of processed foods.

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